First Drive

Are you ready for the first drive? I am! It's been nearly 3 years since I pulled this engine out and started this website. I'm happy to say the car's ready to go!

With everything hooked up, and my 6-year old son in the car, it was time to give it the test:


Holy smokes! I put it in gear and pulled out of the garage! I'm happy to report that all-in-all, it's working pretty well. It makes great noises and nothing is leaking or dripping from the bottom of the car. There are a few issues to iron out, they are as follows:

  • The engine does not always shut off when I turn the key off... The contacts for the ignition relay (the red one - which also drives the fuel pump relay) aren't separating - I think my electronic ignition and fuel pump are pulling more current than it's rated for. If I pull the relay out, the engine shuts off, and the poles open up so it's ready for the next start. I've replaced the relay and that seems to have solved the problem.
  • There is a loss of oil pressure when I'm under hard braking. If I take the car out of gear, let the engine drop to idle, and then decelerate very firmly, it seems all the oil in the sump is sloshing forward away from the oil pickup tube. I can watch the oil pressure gauge dip below 1 bar and the idiot light comes on. Once the G forces subside and the oil settles back, the oil pressure comes right back. I have a hunch I caused this by modifying the windage tray.
  • I have to adjust the shift linkage a little bit. I like the feel of the Wevo shifter very much - it's much better than stock, but I have to double-clutch to get it into 1st gear when I downshift from 2nd. All other gears engage beautifully... so this might just be something I have to live with.
  • It needs an alignment (I had the rear suspension apart).
  • The windshield wipers aren't working.

Porsche 914


The next step is to get the car on a dyno and tune it. It's just set at the baseline adjustments I did on the engine stand. I can't wait see some numbers on it!

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