Attaching Throttle Linkage

I puzzled over how I was going to connect my throttle linkage to the throttle cable. I decided to keep it simple and do a straight connection (as opposed to a lever style connector where I could vary the distances away from the pivot - which could adjust the "throw" or length of pull on the cables) - I had measured my throttle cable movement pretty carefully and had machined my pulleys to just the right diameter.

For my coupler, I used a piece of round aluminum - because that's just what I had lying around, and made a bracket that gets bolted to the case. Each cable - from the gas pedal and from the carburetor - go through each end of my coupler and "meet" in the open area, where I'll use a small shaft collar (two actually) to connect the cables:

Custom machined throttle linkage connector for Porsche 914


I wanted some extra spring tension on the cable, and it also doubles as a secondary "throttle return spring". I have a little sheet metal "traveler" that slides inside the cutout, and with the springs on both sides, it moves in a nice linear direction:

Custom machined throttle linkage connector for Porsche 914


I bolted the coupler onto the case, fed both of my cables into it, and used a shaft collar on both sides of my traveler. It actually took a few trips to the hardware store to get exactly the spring tension I wanted.

Custom throttle linkage connection installed on Porsche 914

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