CHT Gauge & Throttle Linkage

In addition to the triple multigauge I put in the dash, I also want to have a cylinder head temperature gauge (from Aircraft Spruce) in the "cockpit". To make the installation as tidy as possible, I decided to put it right under the dashboard inside the center console. The first step was to make a paper mockup and then trace the pattern onto some aluminum and cut it out on the band saw:

Custom gauge pod on a Porsche 914


I folded the tabs with a hammer and a vice (maybe someday I'll have a pan brake):

Fabricating custom gauge pod on a Porsche 914


Test fit - all is well:

Fabricating a custom gauge pod on a Porsche 914


I recently got a powder coating gun - this turned out to be one of the first parts I did. First spray the paint powder on (it uses a static electric charge to attract the particles to the metal part); second, put it in an oven to melt and cure the paint (I use an old kitchen oven); third, after 8 minutes, remove it from the oven and let it cool.

Powder coating custom gauge pod for a Porsche 914


Doesn't it look pretty with the gauge in place?

Custom gauge pod for a Porsche 914 ready for installation


And now, to install it in the car! The camera's flash kind of washed out the black vinyl in comparison:

Interior of Porsche 914 with custom gauge pod

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