Installing Engine

I can't believe it's finally time! This has been a long project in the making. (Or maybe I can just say that I was waiting for my kids to get old enough to help!)


Attaching it to the car actually was straight forward and went smoothly. Just roll the engine in place, lower the car (although I spent about 20 minutes lowering the car very slowly so I could check everything), and bolt it in.

I did hit a snag with the exhaust... The tail pipe on the Bursch muffler was not in the right place for the notch in the valance. (How could they mess that up??) I ended up cutting part way through the pipe, bending it over, then rewelding it. It was a quick and dirty fix.

After connecting the CV joints, fuel line, ignition wiring, clutch and speedometer cables, and heater flap-boxes, I was ready to call it a day.

The underside of a Porsche 914 with engine installed


Here's what it looks like top-side:

Clean engine compartment on a Porsche 914

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