Preparing for Engine Installation

After too long a hiatus from working on the car, I got back to this project. After syncing the carbs and adjusting the valves on my test stand, it was time to finally get this engine back into the car. First, I had to do a little prep work - like put my multi-gauge into the dashboard and run wires up the center tunnel for oil pressure, oil temperature and my cylinder head temperature gauge:

Dashboard of a Porsche 914 with a tripple multigauge next to the tach


I used a large blue plastic catch can on my engine stand. While it was functional, I just couldn't figure out a way to mount it in the engine compartment and keep things "attractive" - so I made my own catch can out of sheet steel, and mounted it under my homemade battery tray. Here's the fabrication:


And here it is in the engine compartment:

Homemade oil catch can installed in Porsche 914


Next, I had to mount my Electromotive ignition system in the engine bay. I chose to mount it next to and under the factory electric panel (so it would be easy to wire into the car's ignition). I also tilted it inwards a little bit which (hopefully) will give me adequate access to its adjustments.

Electromotive ignition system mounted in a Porsche 914


And finally, I replaced my CV joint bolts (those cheeseheads that, on a good day, just strip when you try to remove them, and, on a bad day, all work themselves loose and strand you on the road...) with these ones from Ideola's Garage:

Stage 8 CV joint bolts with captive fasteners on a Porsche 914

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