Making Oil Pressure

The engine is on a rolling dolly I made when I took it out of the car - not only will this make it easy to put back into the car, but it seems to make sense to me to use that dolly to test start the engine. This way I can break-in the cam, adjust the valves, fiddle with the carbs, etc. while the engine is out of the car and I have more room to work.

To make the dolly a test stand, I decided to put some gauges and switches on it. First, by taking some scrap pieces of wood (and using my band saw), I made some shelves/holders:

Gauge panel on a test stand to start a Porsche 914 engine


With some indicator lights and switches from All Electronics, I made a control panel. I have a spare tachometer and, since I haven't put my new "multi gauge" into the dash yet, I can put that on the test stand, too.

Gauges and switches for Porsche 914 engine test stand


I had cut an opening for my CHT (cylinder head temperature) gauge... but the leads from the sensors are not long enough to reach - and I've already got the extensions running up the center tunnel of the car. No worries, I just put the gauge where the wires reached. For the test running, that will be fine.

CHT gauge on Porsche 914 engine on a test stand


And here's everything wired up and ready to go! Well, I don't have a way to manipulate the throttle yet, and the fuel line isn't hooked up to the pump yet...

Porsche 914 engine on a test stand


However, I can do a test I'm anxious to do - crank the engine over and build up oil pressure. Luckily, my son was on-hand to offer some assistance:

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