Installing Transaxle

I managed to snag a few minutes in the garage the other day, so I used string to "mockup" how the spark plug wires are going to run from my Electromotive ignition system. I then measured each string and had Magnecor make me a custom set.

Mockup of sparkplug wires on a Porsche 914 engine


Time to move the engine from the engine stand onto my "test dolly" - a rolling dolly that I'll use to test start the engine and then put it in the car. This is the same dolly as I used when taking the engine out, however I've added more bracing (in anticipation of the vibration of running).

After getting the engine on the dolly, it's time to put on the clutch, pressure plate and transaxle. Note that I have to remove the flywheel bolts... I should have put the pilot bearing (and the felt washer) in earlier. I didn't use a clutch alignment tool... I just eyeballed it. I was able to get the transmission shaft in the splines of the clutch disk, start my bell housing bolts, than actuate the clutch work with a pry bar - this allowed the pressure plate to open up and let the shaft find the center of the pilot bearing.

When installing the Bursch muffler, the mounting flanges were not very flat (compared to the header's). In my trial fit, I could see light through pretty large gaps. I didn't think the crush gaskets would have enough "give" to seal properly, so I added a little bit of high-temp exhaust sealant during assembly.


I also started running the wires and getting everything hooked up!

Wires to starter motor on Porsche 914 engine

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