Rebuilding Weber Carbs

My fuel delivery will be provided by dual Weber 44 IDF carburetors - they came with the car when I purchased it 15 years ago, but have never been a good fit for the engine. However, I anticipate that they'll be a great fit for it now!

Many moons ago, before having a wife, a family, or even a real job, I remember taking these carbs apart and cleaning them on the kitchen table of my small apartment. Now it's time to actually rebuild them, replace the float needles, gaskets, o-rings and so-on.

Weber 44 IDF carbs for a Porsche 914 engine


For actual steps on how to rebuild Weber IDF carbs, I've found these 2 sites useful: Mark Petry's procedure and John Connolly's procedure.


Here's a shot of all the parts after a laborious cleaning with a nice set of little bottle brushes and a toothbrush.

Weber 44 IDF carb parts


For no other reason than "I could", I polished the insides of the main venturies. Will it actually help air flow into the engine? Only time will tell if every little bit helps!

Polished venturies for Weber 44 IDF carbs


One thing I did, was verify that the main jets were seating properly in the carbs. After my first inspection, only 2 of the 4 were correct. So, I "machined" them with my drill until they met my satisfaction.


Now that the carbs are rebuilt, it's time to work on the throttle linkage.

Weber 44 IDF carbs on Porsche 914 engine

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