Distributor Drive Cover & CHT Sensors

I had to increase the diameter of the oil pressure sender hole in the sheet metal (the original sending unit was just for an idiot light - this one does both the pressure and the warning light). After trimming the tin, I used some rubber edging to help close up any air gaps - and to prevent metal rubbing against metal:

Oil pressure sending unit on Porsche 914 engine


Because I'm using the electronic ignition, I'm not going to use a distributor. I can't leave blue masking tape over the hole forever (see, it's even torn in the picture above) so I needed some way to seal it off. I fabricated a little part out of aluminum that duplicates the distributor mounting shaft and the o-ring grove:

Custom Distributor drive plug for Porsche 914 engine


It's a nice fit and gives a clean appearance to the engine!

Distributor plug in place on Porsche 914 engine


And, I've installed a cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor on each bank. The sensor is bolted to the stock location of the original fuel-injection sensor - that's next to the #3 cylinder. I'm also putting a sensor on the other head, next to the #2 cylinder. The gauge is an avionics item from Aircraft Spruce. Also note the brass plumbing fitting - there is one of these on each head. They will be plumbed to a "catch can" and should allow venting from the valve train area. The ability to vent any engine pressure buildup should help reduce the chance of the valve covers leaking oil.

CHT sensor and rocker vent nipple on Porsche 914 engine

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