Installing Sheet Metal Shrouding

Before installing the sheet metal shrouding, also called the "engine tin", I had to get my electronic ignition sensor mounted at the front of the engine. The sensor is spaced about 0.012" away from the trigger wheel that mounts on the fan hub:

Closeup of Electromotive ignition sensor on Porsche 914 engine


Here is how the top of the engine looks:

Electromotive ignition sensor on a Porsche 914 engine


And how the bottom looks (with the fan shroud in place to verify clearance of the ignition sensor):

Underside of Porsche 914 engine long block


Now it's time to put on the sheet metal! My father was visiting, so I put him to work. First we put on the fan shroud and fan, then we test fit all the pieces, modify a few, and finally put it all on. Note: I should have put the engine mount brackets on first, however I forgot. Luckily I was able to put them on after-the-fact.


Another project I did was to make a "triple" cluster gauge like this. It combines the oil pressure and oil temperature gauges from a 911 with the 914 fuel gauge.

Triple gauge cluster for a Porsche 914

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