Final Crankshaft Assembly

Ready for final assembly! Time to do a final cleaning on all parts - a hot soapy bath, followed by a 250° F bake in the oven to dry:

Drying Porsche 914 engine bearings in the oven, on a pizza stone


Once everything is dry, I got ready to do some building. First, I put the crankshaft into the vice on my Bridgeport mill to hold it upright and securely. Then, one last cleaning with solvent and compressed air, and a liberal application of engine assembly lube:

Porsche 914 crankshaft, connecting rods and bearings ready for final assembly


Being very careful of connecting rod location and orientation, I put each one onto the crank and torqued them down to 40 ft/lbs (value from the ARP website):

Porsche 914 crankshaft with connecting rods


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