Modifying Windage Tray

As I was preparing to do the final assembly on the engine and I discovered that the windage tray gaskets are not included in the Victor Reinz Type 4 gasket set. (The windage tray is also called the oil baffle - it's a flat sheet metal part that prevents the oil from sloshing around in the sump, specifically, from moving away from the oil pickup tube during hard cornering where centripetal force pushes the oil to side of the engine.)

A quick call to Auto Atlanta secured the gaskets and I had them in a few days. While I was waiting for their delivery, I decided to "open up" the center of the windage tray - a procedure that, according to some 914 forums, helps the oil drain back into the sump faster, especially if a higher volume oil pump is used.

I started with the stock windage tray:

Porsche 914 windage tray (oil baffle)


And with a die grinder, cut out the louvered area in the middle. Then, with a file and a little grinding stone, made sure that all of the edges were burr free:

Porsche 914 windage tray (oil baffle) with center louvers cut out


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