Install Rocker Studs

After a hiatus, I managed to devote some time to my 914 engine once again. I found that I needed to prepare the head for measuring the valve geometry. The first step was to install the the rocker assembly studs.

The way the head was machined, three of the rocker stud holes are blind (meaning oil will not be able to leak out) and one went all the way through the casting. I decided to use a real thread sealant on the one (to prevent a potential oil leak) and use regular blue Loctite on the other three.

Installing rocker studs on a Porsche 914 engine


One of the simple ways to install a stud is to put "double nuts" on the top (two nuts tightened against each other). This gives you a place to put a wrench on it without damaging the threads. After the stud is tight, just take the nuts off.


And here's the head with all four studs installed:

Rocker studs installed on a Porsche 914 engine head


As I was measuring and investigating everything, I found that my new lifters varied greatly in their measurements. Using the end of a pushrod, I was able to check the distance between the "cup", where the ball of the pushrod sits, and the surface that rides against the cam.

Measuring the lifter on a Porsche 914 engine

Between the 8 lifters, this dimension fell within a 0.015" range. That's not a huge number - but because I'm going to custom make the pushrod lengths within just a few thousands of an inch, it means that I'll have to match each pushrod to a lifter, and they'll all be "site specific" to a valve.

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