New TDC Mark on Fan

With the fan shroud in place:

Fan shroud attached to Porsche 914 engine case


It was an excellent opportunity to put the new TDC mark on the fan. The old mark was substantially off! I painted the old mark over with black and "sliced" a new one in with a Dremel tool:

Close-up of timing mark on Porsche 914 cooling fan


How the mark looks inside the fan shroud:

Timing mark on Porsche 914 engine visible through inspection hole


I also got around to measuring my cylinders - using the dial indicator as a height gauge, I discovered the height of all cylinder are within 0.001" of each other. This, hopefully, will ensure that the heads sit square on the cylinders.

Measuring Porsche 914 cylinder heights with a dial indicator


And the final work for the weekend was to disassemble my mockup and package up all of the rotating components. They will be sent off to Jake Raby for balancing. (Did you know that's 70 lbs of rotating mass!)

Box of Porsche 914 engine parts packaged up, ready to ship out for balancing

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