Cleaning the Fan Shroud

I decided to clean up the fan shroud next. I decided to take it apart (mostly because I was curious what it looked like inside), but also because I thought it would be easier to clean.

Fan shroud from Porsche 914 engine


There is a set of flaps inside this shroud that can either direct airflow to, or away from, the cylinders and heads. This is used to help the engine warm up on cold days. The flaps are connected to a spring loaded linkage that is controlled by a bi-metallic bellows (that expands and contracts from heat). I don't have that bellows and don't drive the car in the cold, so I leave the flaps "open" all of the time.

Air deflector flaps from Porsche 914 engine


Anyhow, after removing the two screws that hold the linkage bar in place, the flaps can be separated from the shroud.

Close-up of spring which opens air delector flaps on Porsche 914 engine fan shroud


And, after undoing the perimeter bolts of the shroud, it can be opened up:

Porsche 914 fan shroud opened up


After a thorough cleaning with a degreaser and elbow grease, the shrouds were cleaned up well.

Porsche 914 fan shroud cleaned and sitting on a table


So I decided to treat them to a coat of silver paint! That should give it a nice "extra touch" once it's all back together.

Porsche 914 fan shroud with a coat of silver paint

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