Taking Apart the Crank Assembly

I'm going to use a new crankshaft and new connecting rods for the rebuild, so I don't need to take the rods off of the old crank, but I'm curious about what the bearings look like.

First step is to remove the nuts:

Porsche 914 engine crankshaft with rods connected


Then the rods just pull away from the "caps":

One connecting rod removed from a Porsche 914 crankshaft


All four are off and their bearings lined up:

Rod bearings on display from a Porsche 914 engine


Here's a close-up of the bearings to see the wear. Compared to the main bearings, these show a lot more wear, but I don't think it's serious or anything to be concerned about.

Closeup of connecting rod bearings from a Porsche 914 engine


Next I pull the fan hub with a puller (this will be reused on the new crank):

Pulling fan hub from a Porsche 914 crankshaft


And the distributor and cam drive gears will also have to be moved over to the new crank.

Distributor and camshaft drive gears on a Porsche 914 crankshaft


I now declare the engine officially apart! The flywheel is off at the machine shop getting resurfaced, and the cylinders are getting cleaned up to be reused with the new pistons.

After the crank, rods and pistons show up, those will be sent out with the flywheel and blower fan to be balanced.

Soon the heads will go off to be rebuilt, ported, polished and flow matched.

Then it'll be time to "assemble in reverse order" - and it'll be done!

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